Curating is the new Work/Life Blanace

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In our busy lives we are encouraged to put as much into each moment as possible. With a limited amount of hours in the day it is neither possible nor advisable to do it all. For many of us, that has meant a precious dance with a theory known as work-life balance. It is a preposterous notion that you can balance a 40 hour work week (if you’re lucky) with your family, friends, sleep, food, self care, school, etc. I believe that we need to release work-life balance as a goal and instead focus on work life integration.

The job of a museum curator is to find pieces that, when placed together, tell a story. Ideally the components will work together, each having different value and significance, all coexisting in harmony.

Managing your life by curating it’s content allows for flexibility and the maintenance of the integrity and value of each component of your life. This type of curating allows each of the various sectors of your life to be valued for what it is, not for what it is not. It takes work out of competition with life.


Interested in shifting your approach? Here are three ways to curate your life.

Be intentional

Taking control of the flow of your life and all that you get from your life is best done intentionally. When you are saying yes to a new commitment (a board position, volunteer opportunity, new job, weight loss goal, etc.), be sure that you have taken a moment to pause and carefully consider your motivation and also develop a clear personal understanding of what you hope to gain from the experience.

Respect each component’s individuality

Work is a valuable component of one’s life. For many of us, our work defines us. Create space for other areas of your life to exists in their own fullness. For example, when you’re on thebike at the gym, do not read work documents on your iPad. In order for your life to work, you must allow each component the chance to be appreciated and enjoyed purely.

Allow for fluidity

The content of your life changes, this is the only constant in all of our lives. You can curate your life best by being flexible. By allowing yourself a sense of nimbleness, don’t be taken off guard by unexpected alterations. If out of the blue your position at work changes, take a moment to consider it’s impact and then shift your collection as necessary.

The most important thing to remember when curating your life is that you always have final say. This is your masterpiece. Be joyful in your ownership.