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The Essentials is our weekly column where we take a look at what necessities a woman with an awesome job needs to get through her day. Whether it’s Apps, music, gummy worms, red lipstick, or a power bag, we’ve got the scoop. 

Simone N. Sneed: Director of Development & External Affairs at Inwood House, a 183-year old non-profit utilizing a holistic youth development approach to interrupt cycles of intergenerational poverty. She is also the CEO and Founder of Catching Brilliance, a consulting firm that partners with social impact institutions to help them successfully launch, fund, manage, and assess strategic initiatives.   In addition, Simone is the special advisor to the One Percent Foundation and the Brown Boi Project, and is also the author behind the blog, Advice For a Brilliant Life. She speaks on women, wellness, and leadership at colleges and universities, and has been featured in Essence Magazine. 

You’ve already done so much at such a young age, where would you like to see yourself in five years?

Hosting a daytime talk show on a major network with a focus on women, wellness, and leadership solutions. Traveling and speaking around the world. Working with Fortune 500 companies and non-profits. I’d like the world to be better for women and girls.

You told me you manage to get seven hours of sleep every night. How do you do all the different things you do and do that? Tell us your ways!!

The trick is no negotiation. I’m asleep at 10:30, up at 5:30. I’m lucky that I fall asleep quickly, but I always use the Do Not Disturb feature on my Iphone. After being an insomniac for four years, I finally figured out my sleep routine and have never let it go.

The Essentials

The Essentials Simone Sneed

What pieces of technology do you always carry? iPhone, tablet, laptop?

iPad, iPhone. I’m a simple gal who uses Mac products.

What shoes do you wear for meetings or presentations?

Three inch, pointy-toe stilettos. Often, they’re shiny.

What shoes do you actually wear to get to the meeting?

Flats. Of course, I live in New York City and don’t want to hurt myself or my shoes. That said, I do my best to make sure they look fabulous with my outfit.

What do you usually eat for lunch or for a healthy snack?

Super organized food life!

Breakfast:  Oatmeal/Fruit or Green Juice with Hardboiled Eggs

Lunch: Salad or something I brought from home

Dinner: Salmon and greens

Snacks: Vitamins and water, fruit, cashews

But to tell you the truth, it takes all my willpower to not eat a Kit Kat every day at 3 p.m.

What’s in your junk food drawer?

Nothing, I steal sweets from my team members.

Drink at happy hour?

Malbec, port and every other week champagne, just because.

Favorite power-item piece of clothing or jewelry and where is it from?

Kenneth Cole Automatic Skeleton Watch

What items do you always keep under your desk or in your bag?

Nail polish! I hate chipped nails. My business card case, iPhone/Wall Case, emergency makeup, Moleskin notebook, tiny bottle of perfume, red lipstick, dental floss etc., It’s a closet in a purse! Every woman on the go lives a 24-hour life so you have to be prepared.

Exercise of choice?

On Mondays and Wednesdays I do Sculpt & Burn with Leticia. On Tuesdays I do Free Style Cardio. Thursdays is Spin with Ben, and Saturday is freestyle fun, ideally outdoors or spinning or dancing at Red Rooster with my girls!

Blogs or sites you read on breaks at work?

New York Magazine, Levo League, New York Times, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Havard Business Review, Fast Company, Refinery 29, The Glitter Guide, Apartment Therapy.

Your go-to work bag?

The Jetsetter Tote by Michael Kors in black saffiano leather

Apps you use on a daily basis that you find to be helpful?

Teux Deux, Asana, Evernote, Feedly, Instapaper, Google Calendar

What is your go-to caffeinated drink and where do you get it? Or do you have a caffeine alternative?

Green juice is my go-to, but, I won’t lie to you, I love a soy decaf carmel macchiato grande…cold.

Do you have a mantra that gets you through the day?

I’m happy, healthy, wealthy, and successful.