Could strategic plan implementation be awesome? #butI'mserious

I’ve been a geek about organizational health, development and management since I was a teenager. My dad worked for Kodak when it was the Google of the era and had a big impact on my appetite for understanding how groups of individual actors can come together to create big change. What’s always been fascinating to me is that non-profits are using corporate management strategies that are outdated. Innovations in corporate management and advancements in community organizing philosophies haven’t been incorporated at the right pace, and as such - social improvements aren’t moving as quickly as they could be or should be.

My specific curiosity currently is how The Trust for Public Land - where I serve as the Chief of Staff - can become fully realized as an equity driven design forward community. Because that’s what it means to be an “effective 21st century non-profit.”

I’m doing a lot of self-guided study - but eager to find communities of practice, muses, mentors and friends to join me on this journey. To start - here’s what I’m digesting and integrating into my thinking this weekend.

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