Everybody Stand Up! The power of a daily team check in.

Chris Sim’s book, “Scrum: a Breathtakingly Brief and Agile Introduction” was a solid introduction to agile approaches that teams can implement right away. It’s incredibly concise and practical.

The biggest takeaway that I’ve continued to use many years later is the power of a daily team check in. In a fast past and complex work environment, where new developments occur every hour - how else can you expect your team to know how to shift their priorities? Empowered employees are internal agents of change - they go above and beyond (which in the world of industrial psychology is called Organizational Citizenship Behavior).

All it takes is 15 minutes. Stand up. Make it face time. And do it every day. Keep the agenda to just three questions:

  • What are you proud of since our last meeting?

  • What are your priorities for today?

  • What if anything is getting in your way? And how can we help?

Trust me, it’ll be worth it.