Strategic Planning - Have you considered conducting a pre-mortem?

Are you working on a strategic plan? I am.

Crafting a social enterprise strategic plan is a game that I find deeply satisfying. Rallying around a clear and compelling vision, determining the most transformational levers for change, and celebrating the success of a job well done. What’s not to love? What could ever get in the way of the joy of completing your strategic plan?

The dreaded I word. IMPLEMENTATION.

When I was a graduate student at Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Administration, I had a professor who consistently reminded us that policy doesn’t fail in development, it fails in implementation.

So how can you prepare for the launch and implementation of your plan? By conducting a pre mortem. A conversation about what would get in the way of success. By knowing this you’ll be able to design a better planning process and hopefully succeed where many others fail.

Some templates? So happy you asked.

Performing a Project Pre-Mortem
The Pre-Mortem Technique
Conducting A Pre-Mortem