The Four Day Blitz: Making the Most Of Your Twenties

The Four Day Blitz: How to Make the Most of Your 20s

I would never repeat my early twenties. As valuable and pivotal as they were, the first six years of my twenties were hard. And I know I’m not alone. Being caught in the abyss of older than teenager, but not full fledged adult was challenging, particularly when you add in developing a career. I had limited funds, was making all new-post college friends in a city I never lived in before, and was figuring out dating while being reminded all too often that it was important to get prepared to turn 30. I felt confused, overwhelmed, and, honestly, isolated.

I was  perfectionistic, detail oriented, anxious, performance obsessed, and I didn’t have much of an on or off switch. I would just run fast, hit a wall, crash and repeat. I hadn’tperfected my workflow yet. My friends did the same and so friendships mostly consisted of celebrating a new opportunity with a Forever 21 shopping binge before a night of dancing at Nick’s Sneaky Pete’s.

Working towards excellence gives me great joy. It isn’t even the accomplishment that I derive pleasure from, rather, it’s the process. I know that if I’m not careful, I can over do it. I have therefore adopted what I call the four day blitz, a healthy compromise between hedonistic indulgence and self-tempered control, to make the most of your 20s.


The Four Day Blitz: How to Make the Most of Your 20s

1. Write down the things that you know would make your life awesome

For example, going to sleep on time, drinking green juice concoctions of kale, spinach, and chia seeds, meditating for five minutes in the morning, writing in a journal, reading The New York Times to stay up to date on current events, etc.

2. Admit your limits

Once in a while, you won’t be able to accomplish all of your tasks. As much as you try to be excellent every day, sometimes green juice doesn’t seem as appetizing as a tall caramel macchiato from Starbucks. And that’s ok.

3. Choose your blitz

Choose four (or five) consecutive days during the week when you will focus on high performance. In my case, I chose Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On those four days, I’m an unstoppable efficiency machine. I am tapping the TeuxDuex App so fast that my fingers are a blur, my lunches are set up in the fridge in a line as if the lettuce and carrots are working assembly style when the light goes out, a collection of Nature Made packets are lined up next to the pen cup on my desk right next to a tall bottle of Fiji water, each meeting has notes, and I am ready to lead! During these four days, I am free to enjoy the Type A woman’s favorite activity; the pursuit of perfection.

4. Rest

For three days, from Friday morning through Sunday evening. I’m free to do as I please. I feared that these three days would end up with a sink full of dishes and my college sweatpants reappearing. I was wrong. After four days of being so together, I found that I’m protective of my hard work. Although I may go to the movies and have popcorn, sleep in late and watch a marathon of “Breaking Bad” on Netflix, I never actually jeopardize my efforts.

Although I started out the four day blitz to give myself space to get more done, it can actually help you make the most of your 20s. It has also helped me along my journey to be kinder, gentler, and more compassionate with the person who helps me along every day—me.


The Monday flower club...

1 Vase From the Office Kitchen


One Bouquet of Roses from the Deli


_______1 cup of water_______

= Monday Morning Priceless 

Go do something nice for yourself.


Get Ready...Get Set...MONDAY!

[youtube] This week I remind you all - motivation is something you occasionally can't wait for.  Every weekday (except Wednesday) I am up and in motion at 5:15am and as I am not a coffee drinker I rely on good music to get me moving. So, grab your earbuds and let's get this week in motion.